Monday, January 23, 2006

Quiz results, kids conversation, chugging along

Well, I missed two on my Public Speaking quiz from Friday, that left me with an 85. I have two more, no, three? more tests this week in other classes. I'm also doing my first presentation in my public speaking class on friday, too! Our group is presenting the third chapter in the book. You know what's funny is that there's a girl in my group I already had thought about offering a MK facial to. When she complimented me on my purse (MK hostess gift), I asked if she wanted one- she's a consultant! LOL!! She just signed up in late November under a National Sales Director our in Missouri, so I've invited her to join our unit meetings ("adopt" her in). How cool! and her director is awesome, I got to hear her speak last summer and she really spoke to my heart big time.

So here's a conversation that happened at our table tonight:

Hannah: "Look Jackson, I found my ring! Now you can marry me!"
Jackson: "Hannah, I am not marrying you. It's against the rules."
Me (to Jay): "He's been trying to get out of marrying her for a week now"
Jay: lol
Jackson: "Hannah I am going to pick the woman I am going to marry, I'm not marrying you"
Hannah: "But I'm your siiisstterrrr" (because that qualifies as a woman, right? LOL!!)
Jackson: "That's right! and you don't marry your sister. It's against the rules. If you marry your sister, baaaaadddd things happen .... right mom?"
Me: "Jackson, where did you hear this from?"
Jackson: "I just know. Noone told me. You just don't marry your sister."

WELL, I guess THAT settles it!! :p

Jackson gets his report card tomorrow. I'm really excited!!

I'll tell you what.
Mucinex WORKS!! While I still feel sluggish to a degree, I know I could be feeling a LOT worse had I not started taking that last night. My throat still feels constricted, and my chest is still tight when I breathe deeply, but it's keeing me well enough to function, and for that I thank my Lord above!! I had to walk to class in 44o light rain, I was really worried this morning. But a few of my prayer warriors got busy and by the end of my second (of four) class the sky was clearing up :o) PTL!!!

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