Thursday, January 19, 2006

Tried two new recipes today

One was the WW garden veggie soup (0 pts) I forgot the zucchini so I added more cabbage, and cooked the veggies a lot longer (done the riso (sp?) approach- used cooking spray at first then added brother little by little to keep it from burning ... turned out VERY tender veggies!!). Hannah done most of the work what with the stirring and all .... I'll definitely be doing that one again.

The other one was a (4 pt per half cup) southwestern egg salad I done for breakfast tomorrow (for me) but the kids had it tonight for dinner and loved it. Jackson mopped it down. It had finely chopped sweet red bell pepper, a little onion finely chopped, fresh cilantro minced, mayo (not a lot), ff sour cream, salt, pepper and cumin. It was good and I'll do this one again :)

So I have half a red bell pepper sliced and packed for snack tomorrow, as well as a carrot - "sticked", and two carrots "sticked" for Jackson tomorrow, both of us carrying some of that soup for lunch. I love it that my son is such an eager, non picky eater. It's a real blessing.

So do we think I'm on the track? I weighed yesterday-I have my new ticker up :o)

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