Saturday, January 7, 2006

I'm officially a college student

I registered for my classes today. I'm taking:
Interpersonal Psychology
Personal Finance
Introductory Algebra
Basic PC Literacy (ROFL)
Public Speaking

I'll be going basically four hours a day mon-fri. 9'ish to 1'ish. I got my tuition paid and my books (and a cool backpack) paid for, and still have almost four hundred dollars left on my grant! I have til the 19th for all my purchasing to be done then they'll cut a check to me for the balance- gotta love THAT!!! I was looking at my receipt though and realized tonight they only charged me 40c for one of my books ... got to go get that fixed, I wouldn't be able to go through the course knowing that. What's scarey is how many more books they've sold for 40c!!!

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