Sunday, May 13, 2007

What was BAD, just become GOOD *g*

Sunday, May 13th, 2007, 1:04 am

Okay, so lately, Hannah has been a REAL pill. Not all the time, but she WHINES. and she acts like the whole world should revolve around her at times. Well with recent events, this has rolled ALL over me.

When Spiderman 2 come out, we went to the midnight premiere, and took Jackson. This was his first movie. he had a BALL, and stayed awake the whole time. Well, when they announced "S3- May 2007", he started counting down the days and months (me too). Fast forward to last week, I mention to Jay last Friday about getting a babysitter for Hannah so we could go to the midnight screening. Then he informed me we were a day late, he didn't give thought to going to the midnight premiere this time. Chalk it up to miscommunication? As much as it had been talked about, I thought it "went without saying".

So yesterday, I made arrangements for Hannah to sleep over at my parents so we could go see the movie. We were going to the 8:30 showing, It was around 4pm. I knew I would need to take at least a short nap to really enjoy the movie. So I done as usual, told the kids not to argue, set the alarms (house and phone to wake up), told Hannah Jackson was in charge, place nice. Not 30 minutes into my nap Hannah comes in my room all but demanding I fix her a bowl of oatmeal. In my sleep, I tell her wait until I get up and I will ... but GO, you're disobeying me (by coming in the room and not bleeding, having a broken bone, the house being on fire or a weird message coming over the computer Jackson cannot fix (lol) ) ... well the whining started. Flopped down on the floor, got that "tone" in her voice. I sit up in bed, look at her, and tell her to leave my room, not to speak, not to whine when she gets out of my room, and I will fix it for her when I get up which wold had been shortly.

She would not take no for an answer. I unglued (started yelling). I don't unglue often. It takes a lot nowadays for me to get unglued. But I not only become unglued, I was outraged. I have had ENOUGH of her behavior! Her period of grace with me is OVER!!! Done!! It's no longer allowed to be a little "phase of passage" that most 5 year olds go through, I am NOT going to tolerate it anymore!

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total sidetrack / vent:

I have been patient, I have talked with her about her behavior, what she is doing exactly, WHY it is not good, How bad it makes her look to others and God, How bad it makes everyone else around here feel, and how she will get no where acting like that. I have purposely not fed her because of fits she has pitched over wanting certain foods that I've said no to at a certain time. She CHOSE not to eat, so that was fine. Eventually she'll make the connection! I have shared with her appropriate ways to ask for something, why it is best to accept the answer you are given and be patient, and you will be blessed ... and the times she has, I have DOUBLY praised her, given extra treats ... explained how I was right (lol) ...

Jackson, is winning, for him, in his lesson of longsuffering with his sister ... if that boy was not saved and did not have the restraint of the holy spirit on his life he would have already beaten her down a time or two before I could have possibly stopped it. Seriously! Do not underestimate the wrath of a spirited red headed boy. It's not a myth, they're different! Thank the LORD he is saved now!!

Anyway, her fit turned into a spanking for her, and time in her room to calm down. I am not raising my kids to, when sent to their room, to sit in there yelling and wailing over what they're wanting, be it this, that, or the other. With Jackson I learned that was his passive aggressive way of trying to make me miserable and getting in the 'last word', because if he yelled long enough, cried long enough, screamed long enough, threw things in his room around long enough, he could possibly get his way. Unfortunately for Hannah, having as such a hell-child as her brother was at that age, my tolerance for that is zilch, and I, with her, know better (LOL!!)

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So onto the blessings. I informed her that she was supposed to be going to maw maw & paw paws for a sleepover, but because she decided to act like a yahoo, she would not be going. I do not share our plans with our kids ahead of time. There have been too many times in their little lives that they could have been so disappointed in failed plans ... we just do not say it is going to happen until we're in the car and on the way, pretty much. So Jackson, through all of this, was oblivious to the fact that because of Hannah, he was not going to get to see Spiderman 3. see? it works, seriously ;)

But *I* knew we were not going to get to see the movie. I had enough disappointment for both of us. Jay had invited friends to go with us. I hated it, but Hannah was not going to achieve her purpose ... her misbehavior is getting her into possible situations where by her not listening to me, she is going to get hurt soon. Just like when Jackson was five and was running across a parking lot and about run into the MAIN ROAD- almost killed him self not listening to me behind him screaming to STOP RUNNING!!! By only God's grace is that child alive today.

I wonder how many freak accidents has happened with kids getting hurt, that could have been avoided, if the child would have only obeyed instantly, like they were being taught. I remember reading an article, about a father seeing a big poisonous spider crawling up his daughter's shoulderblade towards her neck. He said- "DON'T move a MUSCLE", and she froze instantly, did not even ask why. He was able to get the spider off of her before she realized what was even happening. can you imagine if she mouthed off to her dad "well why, why why?" as she kept walking around, possibly towards him, and decided to smack at her neck thinking a mosquito or something was flying around her, she could have gotten bit and died before they could get out of the woods to the nearest hospital!! That story will never leave my mind as long as I live.

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Oh, I'm sorry, I digressed again.

So we missed Spiderman 3 last night. GREAT Bummer.
So the computer was rebooted and whenever it boots, AIM automatically starts, launching IE to their homepage (so all I gotta do is click on MY homepage button to get to my own business... But I saw a blurb on there about seeing S3 in IMAX. Hmm ... IMAX. That sounded familiar. So I clicked in, and checked for IMAX viewings to see if it was what I was thinking about ... but it showed our regular theaters, the one we were going to see last night anyway. What was the big deal in my mind seeing IMAX? kwim?

OH! I remember. At the beginning of the school year Jackson's class went to this Discovery Museum / Place for Kids (in Charlotte), and they were supposed to see this nature movie in their IMAX theater. Oh but my friends. We didn't get to see the movie because we were late. But me, being nosy, stepped into the theater room to see why we traveled two hours ... to see a nature movie? Oh WOOOOOOWWWWW. It was nothing like I had seen before.

The screen is THREE STORIES HIGH, and 80 FEET WIDE, (needless to say "deep stadium seating"?). The screen is a DOME that extends around your peripheral field is view. It is TEN TIMES bigger than traditional theaters. You actually are reclined back in your seat to a degree to experience the entire screen. It literally sticks you IN the movie.

So are you getting why I am telling you this?

Spiderman 3 is being shown at their theater!!!!

YES the ticket prices are higher than your average theater, but doggone it! We are SO there!!! I gave up going to the banquet tonight (discouraged,really) ... I will not go out to eat tomorrow if we need to, but we are going next weekend to see this movie!!! I can only imagine the look on Jackson's face when he realizes what we will be doing. Im SOOOO excited!! God turned that horrible experience last night into a HUGE blessing, I would have never clicked through trying to figure out the difference with the IMAX thing if I had not missed seeing it last night!!

Woo-Hooooooo!!!! *g*

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