Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Nose update (5/1)

Tuesday, May 1st, 2007, 7:04 pm

This has been a rough weekend / past few days.
Pain: My pain level is higher now than it was a week ago. I found it very interesting. I go to the ER with a broken nose and they send me home with a Rx for Vicotin. Which I'm not complaining, that's goof stuff for pain. So I go in for surgery a week later to reset the bones, and they send me home with a Rx for Oxycodone (Percoset) ... which for those who aren't familiar with this drug family, is about two times stronger than Vicotin. That tells me they were expecting the pain to be worse!! and guess what? It IS!

I have been afraid of developing a resistence to these meds so Sunday night I took a Vicotin instead of a Percoset. At the hospital when going over my pain mgmt plan they emphasized staying ahead of the pain, not catching up with the pain. Well, I realized yesterday my pain was not getting better, because taking that Vicotin appparently got me behind the pain, cause I was hurting ... allll day yesterday.

Sleeping. Ever since this happened I have been sleeping in Jay's recliner to keep my head elevated, so I could breathe better. One night last week I slept in the bed for a few hours and I was hurting there afterwards. Last night Jay and I were watching a movie in bed and fell asleep. I slept all night in bed, and when I woke this morning- OUCH!! I got back in the recliner and slept most of the day today with a buncha meds. I'm thinking, that when I sleep in bed, it allows me to just wholler around, digging my face in my pillow, etc .. and I really think sleeping on one side of my face puts more pressure on the given side and adds to the pain.

They've suggested that when this is over, that I ask my family Dr about going for a sleep study. When this first began they asked about whether I snored or not, to which, yes, I've been told I snore. I'm guessing f if I didn't snore and started to after the break, that it would give them clues to what was going on with my nasal passages? When I described my normal sleeping habits, things Jay have said, how I always feel fatigued no matter how much I sleep at night. So that's the next thing on the agenda. Well, along with persuing treatment for the TMJ. I am almost excited about the TMJ news. To think that there might be a way to get rid of my migraines?! I say Hallelujah!!

Overall, besides the pain and sleeping issues, I've been exhausted, but very restless. Not restless to the point I'm up to doing anything, I've been most productive online, though. I've been making a good number of signatures, and am going to attempt digiscrapping some this week. I've downloaded a TON of free kits and can't wait to actually try some out. I have a picture of Hannah that is just perfect to scrap :o)

So I guess that's it for now. I look forward to seeing your comments and thank you for checking up on me!! (((hugs))))

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