Wednesday, May 16, 2007

BOTH kids are sick, update on me ...

Wednesday, May 16th, 2007, 11:41 pm

Boy am I ever exhausted!! I'm sleeping so well now. being back at work makes me feel like I was idle here at home. Does that make sense? I got to spend time with my 2 yo buddies today. Out of the 8 classes we have, the two, two year old classes has made the biggest deal about my being back. I took some pics today on my phone that would just crack you UP!!! I got sent down to work with the school-agers this afternoon when it come time for them to get there. "C" just started with this group, having been working with the four yo's for a few months (she started after me). The regular teacher was out today. I did not walk away with a lasting impression of that group as a whole, and I got the distinct impression "C" had the same as I.

She was so frustrated that she had doubts whether she could make it through the summer with that group. Then it hit me as we were giving them snack.... with the younger ones, we're heroes. They do not know better to have formed "real" bad habits yet. They 'live' to do nice things for us. (I have a whole stack of scribble "pictures" that have been drawn for me, lol) .

.... but when you work with these kids ... you are reduced to a mere servant. The rudeness, the disobedience, the eye rolling (from some...), it's just crazy!! I explained to "C" that it was particularly hard for me because here I've spent the past seven years teaching my kids to respect their teachers / elders, etc .. and have good manners and be kind. I just HOPE they do not fall of the wagon and end up like a lot of these kids act! Don't get me wrong, God love them all and if he called me to work with this group I would, but I thank him he hasn't, lol Is that bad? Don't get me wrong, there are a FEW sweet ones ... out of the 25 on roll.

Speaking of 25,(26) my heart is going to break in a few weeks. We do our promotions at church in June so I am working on my admin type stuff for my class, getting updated info, etc ... so far, the best I can tell, I'll have 14 leaving, and 12 staying. I don't know who is moving up from the twos but I am losing over HALF of my roll!!! I remember my first promotion day. I had put my heart and soul into bonding with that class, and it never occurred to me that whole year they'd be leaving one day. I cried for a week, I was a pitiful site. It gets easier, though. It was all worth it two years later when one of the kid's dad stood up in Wednesday night service and announced his dd had gotten saved. That was the first one out of my first class to get saved. and the Lord allowed me to plant those seeds in her heart. THAT still makes me weepy!! It's just so hard to believe it has already been a YEAR and I'm getting a new group to start all over with. Wow.

So MY kids ...

Jackson come home Monday with fever, and vomiting. Jay stayed home with him yesterday, and his fever broke Tuesday night. Jay planned to stay home with him today (school policy is 24 hrs no fever AND no medicine) .... Well, Hannah wake sup with PINK EYE. Lets not forget, she had strep last week (my own dx). So Jay takes them both to the dr today ... they both have infection in their throats, but it's not strep. Hannah indeed has pink eye. Lets remember, we have no health insurance right now on the kids. Jay shelled out $150 today just in 'down pymts' to the dr visit and meds!! They said they'd bill us for the balance. Mom said she would watch them tomorrow. They should be ok to go back on Friday. Jackson's still complaining about his throat hurting. No fever though, PTL He felt SOOOO bad.

On to me ... again ....

I'm so tired. Have I mentioned how tuckered I am?I can barely keep my eyes open and I have two more boards to look at so I'm going to square this one up .... have a great day Thursday, please pray Hannah will let us give her her eyedrops without a fuss!!

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