Monday, May 14, 2007

Returning to Work Monday

Monday, May 14th, 2007, 3:50 am

Not quite sure what to think, I taught my class at church for one hour and my nose was hurting by the time we left church- for all the talking I was doing :( How in the world am I going to last 8 hours? :-O

I done some grocery shopping this evening, met the family (Jay, the kids, BIL&SIL, and MIL) at O'Charleys for dinner. After I got home around 9-10pm I started workingin the kitchen unpacking everything, etc. I noticed the comedy hour from CMT wa son (which was odd, cause, I don;t watch CMT!) and I thought I was going to DIE laughing, this guy had me snorting and in tears he was so hilarious. Of course, he was speaking from a Southern point of view, so, others may not appreciate the type of humor it is, but ... oh man how I wish I could find a video on it ;o)

So I sat sorting through all my bulk items I got (seeds, nuts, so forth) getting them into containers ... while we watched the Giant show or whatever with Jeff Foxworthy. I LOVE Jeff Foxworthy! This one had Kenny Rogers guest starring, and they sang Islands in the Stream, with Jeff doing Dolly's part (youtube) ;o) TOO funny ... so by then I am working on the kid's snacks and stuff for tomorrow.

I made (homemade)

Trail Mix Granola seed bars
started almond milk
my salad for lunch tomorrow
got the kid's apples/celery sliced for their snacks tomorrow
But the thing was, when I was making the seed bars ... first. I overheated the honey in the microwave. and accidentally SPILLED IT ON MY HAND. I guess I'm just pitiful!! Jay come in asking what was wrong, bagged me some ice, it hurt for three hours afterwards. I don't recommend breaking your nose, OR spilling hot honey on your hand!

I'm so tired, time to go to bed. Mother's day was ok, we ended up at IHOP after church for lunch.

Have a great day and I'll go ahead and say I appreciate all the P&PT you can give!!

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