Monday, February 20, 2006

Yep, I needed to hear that!!

My sweet little boy got a dirtbike for Christmas. Lately, though not having a significant amount of practice in riding his bike, he has gotten rather adventurous. He has tried twice to start at the top of our sidewalk, and ride down the two spaced steps down it to where the parking lot starts ("bump" ... go two feet ... "bump" ... go two more feet ... "bump" - in the lot).

He has been outside for a while now, so I stepped out to check on him. He's about to try his new stunt, so I instrictly say "Don't you run into my car now...", he successfully gets into the parking lot and I say "Well look at you big boy!" and he says as he;s riding off ....

"Oh mom .." (I say yes, and he says-) "You know, it's not YOUR car. It's God's car. He's the one who made it- you didn't"

Thanks for the reminder, son.

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  1. Awww! Kids are often so insightful Wendy. Praying for a blessed week for you and your family!
    Love ya sis