Monday, February 6, 2006

Chicken Pox?

When I picked Jackson up this afternoon he immediately started saying how his head was hurting. He was quiet all the way home, with our car pool friends in the car. Usually I can't get him to settle down on the 11 mile ride back from school. Then after we dropped the boys off, and run back to mom's to pick up some stuff, I looked back at him and his color was completely drained. Being a orange haired, fair skinned, blue eyed-child as it is, it doesn't take much, ya know. I felt him when we got to moms and no doubt there was a fever. He was allll quiiieeettt. Not like him at all.

I then called his teacher to let her know and she said at lunch he was complaining with his head hurting which she thought was odd, but there have been a ouple different viruses that has been making their rounds around school the past few weeks. I called her because we have a sibling of a classmate who has a rare heart condition and is immune-compromised. Our teacher stays in contact with the boys' parents with what is going on health-wise in the class so they'll be "extra-informed". Not to mention I wanted to get an idea of what work he could do at home while he was out.

It got to be bedtime and he started winding down after playing with Hannah and his new friend LousMarina (sp?) at the laundromat, and the body aches started. Well, I say body aches, he weathers fevers like I do, and it feels like death to me! There's nothing that is right when I run a fever, he's the same way.

Then I thought about my cousin's dd who just returned to school from having
chicken pox. They go to the same school, and are in children's choir together. To say the least they're around each other enough for me to conclude it would be safe to say he was exposed to her when she was contaigous. Uhg. I guess better now than ever, huh?

Does anyone have any good tips on how to help him get through this as painless as possible? poor little guy. I always feel bad when he runs a fever because he is so polite, kind, obedient, loving, and I enjoy it ... and then I feel bad like I'm enjoying him being sick or something!


  1. Hello...
    I remember when my Daughter was and infant and had the Chicken Pox..i found that dabbing them with scentfree talcum powder helpped way better than calamine lotion and dried them up quickly to..
    not sure if this is what your looking for ..but i thought i'd let you know...
    oh i came across your Blog while Blog hopping...
    have a nice day...

  2. Thank you Freddie!! Welcome to my blog! :)