Saturday, February 4, 2006

Catching up on Laundry; Ebay

Laundry has to be my most dreaded chore of all. I have the hardest time keeping up with it. I am hoping since we're getting into more solid routines now that I'll gain the ability to stay diligent with laundry. But for now, I'm behind.

I went to a new laundromat today called "Laundra Bright". It's a really neat system they have there. They have these HUGE washers along with smaller ones. A 2 load, a 4 load, and the huge one is a 5/6 load. I had a regular sized storage tote overflowing with Jackson's clothes that I put in the 5/6 load machine, and an overflowing round basket of Hannah's clothes that went into the 4 load washer. I literally done what would have equivalated to an easy 6 loads, packed in the washer today in the same time as one wash / dry cycle! and I still have a hallway full of clothes to go! LOL! But all that today for the bargain price of $11. Can't beat it.

I'm thinking of opening up a Ebay store. I have tried to find consignment shops that I liked the clothes that would do trades and have been unsuccessful. I figure Ebay would be a good option to sell our gently used items. What do you think? Any Ebay'ers out there?

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