Saturday, February 25, 2006

It could have been here ...

I'm just thinking aloud here, but, part of the reason the President vowed war against terrorism, by being in Iraq ('better there than here'), was to keep the attacks away from our soil. Right? So when I see articles like this, I wonder if the fact, that we are NOT being attacked, on our soil, now, could be, that- the President's plan *is working* at least to a degree?

Feb 25, 4:02 PM EST
Al-Qaida Threatens More Saudi Attacks

Associated Press Writer

A statement appeared on a militant Web site saying that Friday's attack was "part of a series of operations that al-Qaida is carrying out against the crusaders and the Jews to stop their plundering of Muslim wealth." It was signed "al-Qaida in the Arab Peninsula" - the name of the Saudi branch of the terror network.

The statement did not acknowledge that the attack was foiled. In fact, it claimed that the two "heroic holy warriors" managed to enter Abqaiq.

"There are more like them who are racing toward martyrdom and eager to fight the enemies of god, the Jews, the crusaders and their stooges, the renegade rulers" of Arab countries, the posting said.

"You will see things that will make you happy, god willing," concluded the statement.

Al-Qaida had long threatened to attack Saudi Arabia's oil plants, but Friday was the first time it actually attempted to do so. Previously militants linked to al-Qaida had killed foreigners working in the industry, but not at oil facilities. ---

Al-Qaida is led by the Saudi-born Osama bin Laden, who has long sought to replace the Saudi monarchy with an Islamic government, accusing the royal family of selling out to American "infidels." In late 2004, bin Laden released a video in which he called for attacks on oil facilities to hurt the West. ---

The militants launched a campaign in 2003 to overthrow the U.S.-allied royal family.

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