Thursday, February 16, 2006

Whatta week

I thought I might have accidentally got a job last week, but turns out not. My neice is a waitress at a nearby locally owned restraurant. She left me a voicemail while I was in school last Friday saying that they were really needing help, would I please come help her, lol I have not waited on tables in 13 years!! But immediately my spirit said "Yes", so mom said she'd watch the kids til Jay got home.

All in all it went pretty well. 90% of my customers were regulars who loved B (my neice) and were happy to have "the next best thing" LOL!!! They started seating me at 5 and I was waiting on my last tables at 8, and I made $31, not including the $10 (total) for the hourly wage. Not bad!!

I thought it was interesting after it occured to me when I got home I had just said Thursday I needed a refill for my med, and the Lord sent me the opportunity to earn the $30 co payment it would cost!! :O)

I went back and worked Saturday, and then Tuesday. B told me tonight they hired two full time servers at the restaurant, said they didn't need me to come in tomorrow night :( She said they REALLY want to hire me, but they're wanting to only hire FT people and I can't work during the day :o/ But one of the new girls "can't" work saturday nights so I told B that would be an ideal thing. Then she said in a few weeks there will be a hostess position open, we could probably work a Thurs-Fri & Sat night deal, that's like $10 an hour, so not too bad. About the same as serving, but guaranteed. Maybe the Lord is throwing me a bone? ;o)

So what do y'all think of this year's American Idol? I'm pathetic. I was a nervous wreck last night. Cried three times. Kellie is from Albemarle, this TINY town Jay and I lived in not long after we got together. He was transferred there for his job. It makes my skin crawl to know just how small that town is, the nearest "city" at least thirty minutes away ... to know the humble "down home" town she grew up in ... ::::snnifff::::: Oh that girl tore me up!!!!

Then Mandisa went and said what she did last night! WHOA!! Please tell me someone saw that beside me!!

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