Sunday, April 29, 2007

Talk about judging!! WHEW!!

Sunday, April 29th, 2007, 2:03 am

So I had my surgery on my nose yesterday. I specifically shared my bad experience with having an IV inserted into the top of my hand five years ago when I had Hannah. Oh my gosh I felt that thing going in and felt it moved every time I moved my hand! The nurse said that it cold have been a couple of things, one, they got it in not very good ... two, the 'gauge's (sp?) they use for birth are a lot bigger.

So these were my words: "I am going to trust you to do what you believe you can do ... to not hurt me. If you think you can go in my hand and not have me in that pain, I will trust you."

So, she has my left hand, I'm holding Jay with my right. She tries to go into the vein on the right side of my wrist!!!!!! I have boney arms!!! She either missed the vein, or the vein collapsed or whatever y'all call it, IT DIDN'T WORK.

So okay, I cannot hide the fact I'm hurting. The whole time I'm facing Jay, and lets not forget my nose is broke and it HURTS to squint my eyes, raise my eyebrows, you know, move my face much, uh huh, yep. You're getting the picture.

So she's frequently saying she's sorry, and I'm frequently saying "you're okay, don't worry, just do what you need to do ..." "don't worry, I'm forgiving" ... and she keeps saying she's sorry! I'm like in my head "GET IT DONE!!!!" Stop apologizing and just do it! So I'm trying to stay calm, and assuring her I'm not upset with her, and I say "really, I'm okay. I'm forgiving, trust me, I don't hold a grudge or anything!"

This whole time I'm facing Jay with my eyes shut. I say that, and she says with a slight giggle "Well you must not be baptist, huh?" :-O I open my eyes and look at Jay, his eyes are as big as mine, we both look at her, she realizes I've turned my head, she looks up at me, and I say "Well YES, I am Baptist ... (you don't get much more baptist than us!)" her eyes get real big then she asks what church we go to and we tell her. She says "doesn't that church have a school, too?" to which we answer "yes" ... she mentions another church of like faith that has a school, then says "But I hear that school (ours) is real strict", with this sort of ... condescending kind of look on her face. By then she's withdrawn the needle from my wrist and applying gauze and tape to my arm ... and I say "Well, our school just has higher standards of excellence which leaves less room for grey areas that can cause confusion", and then the other nurse walked in.

So, WHOA!! Talk about you don't know who you're talking to!! Not only does she stereotype people, but done it straight to my face almost joking, but then turns around and tries to poke at my kid's school (which she didn't even know they went there!). I just hope and pray my long suffering with her gave her a better impression of us "baptists", LOL!!!

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