Friday, April 20, 2007


Friday, April 20th, 2007, 10:26 pm

Started at 6:41pm:
It was sprinkling rain yesterday and the grass was wet. I was running next door because the Gas man was there, I saw him when I pulled in my driveway coming home. They were supposed to reconnect our gas, but there was a note on the door saying no one was home. But J had left a key hidden outside and there was supposed to be a note on our account saying so.

So I'm running. Next thing I know I am in the air. I cannot say I tripped, or slid, or anything. I just went from ground to air. and I landed on my face. On a gravel driveway. See, my house is somewhat off the road. The driveway next to ours leads to a house more further off the road than ours, back in the woods. Then there's the driveway the gas man was in, which is the next one, and that house is right there on the road. So I fell from my grass onto the gravel driveway. I have no scratches anywhere but my face, because, well, that's what broke the fall.

I immediately knew something was wrong, blood was pouring out of my nose, everything started that stinging feeling. I had my cell phone in my hand so I called my mom and dad to come over. I got up, holding my hand over my nose and went up to the truck and explained about the gas situation. my neighbor (whom I had not yet met) was just looking at me all freaky and went and got a paper towel. The gas guy said "Well, that wasn't one of my calls, but I'll go over and do it for you" (LOL!! You think he thought I was desperate!!??) By then the wife come out, elderly couple they are, and she started mama'ing, got her umbrella and walked me home.

She was SO sweet and as we were talking she was telling me about the lady that lived here, my landlord's mother. She said that 'Sarah' prayed like no one you'd heard before. When she prayed you knew that the spirit was enveloping the room, she prayed with authority. I thought that was such a blessing to know that the Lord was already a part of this house before we ever moved in, because it was surly God's intervention that got us here in the first place!!

So I got in the house, and Hannah started helping me get washcloths, she insisted I layed down in 'daddy's chair', even pulled out the footrest for me ;o) I called Jay, all the while, I'm feeling the swelling getting worse ... my forehead, nose, eyes, cheeks, lips, and chin. Jay calls me parents because they should had been at the house by then. They said they had not talked to me!! But they were at my sister's house beating on the door cause "Brandy called and said she broke her toe" :-O Jay said "Nooooo, WENDY called cause she's broke her NOSE!!!". Sis's house is five miles opposite of my parent's house, and their house is five miles from here. So they urn around and head over here. Not long after they got here my neighbor lady had walked back over and brought the kid's a plate of cake :::hearts::::

Mom and I take off to the emergency room. Kristi was going to come over shortly after that to be with the kids (and daddy ... he's a good placeholder babysitter but they still needed to be fed, put to bed etc.. lol). We got there and everyone was looking at me like I was a freak. The triage nurse got me approved for the "fast track" ...

continued at 9:21pm:
So I was in a 'curtain' within 30-40 minutes. They done a head and facial CT scan and concluded that there were no fractures or breaks other than the three breaks around my nose (left, center, and right), right above the bridge of my nose. Besides the fact when I landed, my bottom front teeth went into my lip, but didn't make it through to the other side (PTL). I could not bite down at all last night, but this afternoon I was able to. I'm guessing there was just swelling around my jaws.

You know the Lord is good. When we got there and I was sitting in the wheelchair waiting to check in, a song popped in my head and I was humming to myself through the silent tears. The lyrics go like:

"God is good, yes he is. He's good all the tiiimmmeee ... God is good, yeeeessss he is, he's good all the time. You can search, the whole world over, and no greater friend you'll find. He's not good just now and then, he's good ALL the time ....".

I had the head CT done first. When I got back he asked if the vicotin I had taken about an hour earlier was working, and I said not so much. He said "we'll take care of that", and a few minutes later the nurse come and brought me two more *g* Those worked! Then the Dr looked at the CT results and decided he wanted a facial to be sure of my jaw, and he aologized in advanced saying they had all the CT machines running but there's a HUGE line of orders for CT's last night and he could not say how long we would have to wait. A few minutes later I saw another Dr come in venting about the CTs, saying that there were 82 people waiting for CTs right then that at that rate it would be 3-4 hours to get his patient's done. I prayed.

About 15 minutes later they come and got me to take me down to the X ray room (PTL for rolling mini beds), and after waiting in the hall 10-15 minutes, I was in! ~whew~ Then he come back about 20-30 minutes later and said "Come look at your CT results", and you know what was so funny? He showed them to me on the same computer that they showed us Jackson's X ray results from when he broke his arm- we went right by his room in the peds area ;o) So he showed me where the breaks were, we went back to my bed, he showed me how he wanted me to spray Afrin in my nose (calm the bleeding), explained about going to see my regular dr in a week and about setting it if they need to, then he looked real close at my nose and proceeded to clean it and pick the gravel out of the skin.

We left around 7pm and got home about 1:20, I didn't think that was bad at all considering the ER waiting room was standing room only around 8:30!


My neck and shoulders are hurting bad, and my upper chest is achey. It's like the vicotin is doing well for my face but my muscles are VERY tender. I found a bruise on my right elbow. My left arm is hurting where they gave me a tetnus shot. My face is changing colors (again) but it seems like the swelling around my nose has went down, but my eyes are swelling more. I can see the swelling under my right eye as I look straight out and of course down. I have pics on my cell phone of the progression of the swelling, etc I just need to figure out how to get them on the internet ;o)

My bottom lip has already started healing well where it was busted on the outside. I'm most comfortable when he head is supported by something other than my own neck strength, does that make sense? That collar was comfy last night! Jay said earlier I needed to get on the computer for physical therapy ;o) But then has fussed at how much I've been up and around since they come home but geesh! Hannah has not given me a moment's peace since I got home! Speaking of, I need to get the kids to bed. I'll try to post more later.

((((((((group hug))))))))))

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