Sunday, April 29, 2007

My nose surgery (4/27)

Sunday, April 29th, 2007, 12:57 am

Well, I'm sure hoping that they achieved what they set out to do!! I got to the hospital at 2, and like clockwork, there went our youth Pastor meeting us in the parking lot :) What's funny was, it was the same hospital mom had her surgery at last November, and he was there with us then, too .. and I had not been back to that hospital til yesterday, either, lol

We got where we needed to be within a few minutes, had a chance to fellowship for a few, then the process began. They called me back to go over the business end (so the guys chatted while I done that) ... I went back out to the waiting room to get my insurance card and we prayed then in case R had to leave before I got back; then I went to visit with a nurse to go over my healthy history, confirm details, etc .. then met with the anesthesiologist, he done his thing, explained who was going to be helping me, etc .. then when I got done with him I went and got jay and we went back to the main waiting room.

I'm not sure why people complain so much about having to be there so early cause I mean yes, the procedure was s'posed to be at 5 and they said be there at 2, but they done everything in such a timely manner, we really did not wait much at all. They allowed Jay to be with me in pre op, right until they took me back to the OR.

What they done, I'm sure y'all have seen it done on TV, they take that cylinder shaped medal device, stuck it up my nose, and took a little hammer from the outside and basically reshaped my nose, putting the bones back where it was supposed to and I guess they attempted to straighten the septum. They taped my nose quite tightly, and put an actual cast on my nose. I have a picture of it I'll have to upload, but it fell off this evening. I was wondering how it was supposed to stay on anyway, Jay said they told him it would likely fall off and if it did, it would be okay.

HOWEVER, the tape, is not to get wet .... at all. My first thought was !#$%^&*, ?? But then it occurred to me I can go to my hair stylist and have her wash my hair this week. I dont know about showering,, maybe stick a shower cap over my face? I dunno.

SO How Did I Do? not so good. Remember Thursday I said that I had a migraine? Remember they said no eating or drinking after midnight Friday? It was by God's grace I was walking and talking when we got to the hospital. When they were bringing me out of the general anesthesia, my migraine was in full force. So not only did I have the surgery / nose pain, I had migraine pain, TOO.

I had trouble opening my eyes, because, florescent lights is a BAD trigger for my migraine pain .. I was breathing from my mouth, and my throat was DRY. My left hand /wrist was hurting from where the nurse tried to kill me (that's another post), and the IV was in my right hand, and taped all that stuff TIGHT. The only anesthesia I've been under before was a spinal block and all that incurs, so when I realized I could move my legs it felt all freaky ... and just overall, I was in PAIN. Like, a 9 of 10.

So the nurse offered me some dub-ba-blubba-dodin (who knows), and apparently she noticed my hesitation, and then offered morphine, to which I managed a "Oh yeuh!", I heard her smile (remember my eyes were closed from the pain and lack of ability to really move) ... and I said "I guess I sounded like quite the druggie didn't I?" and she laughed. I explained that's what I had with the kids, etc ... So she gave me some morphine in my IV.

Within the next hour they got me some water to which about choked me. Tell me ... someone has not had ANYTHING to drink in going on NINETEEN hours, and just come out of surgery and has been breathing out of their mouth for at LEAST an hour ... WHY WOULD YOU GIVE THEM COLD ICE WATER???!!! I sat there choking for five minutes! It made my nose bleed! I kindly asked for lukewarm water and they were nice enough to get me some ;o) I then proceeded to try to eat some saltines with my warm water, and uhg :cP

After some time another nurse come in with my instructions, and that was about when I almost lost my graciousness. They had the light out in my little hole of a recovery booth (you know like those curtain areas?). She said she needed to turn the light on to read the instructions ... I'm trying to tell Jay "Can you not see them without the light on?" which, I can open my eyes up enough to know YYEEESSSS you can! and I ask "do you haavvee to?" to which she says "I need the light on to explain these papers" ... why pray-tell can't you step your rear end three feet outside my curtain and show Jay those papers?! It was rough.

So then we head home. We decided to drop off my Rx's on the way home and Jay come back out to get them. Target, where we usually get out Rx, didn't have the Percoset (Oxycotin). CVS did not have the dosage (after waiting 20 minutes cause they say "Yes, we have it!" when he went in and asked. So he takes me home and goes to Walgreens and they have it.

So get this, the pharmacist explained the strength of the Percoset to Jay. Check it out, last week, the ER doc sent me home with vicotin for a newly broken nose, right? Last night, the ENT doc sent me home with this Percoset, which, the pharmacist told Jay it was about equal to THREE of the vicotin I was taking, in ONE dose of this stuff. So tell me what was expected to hurt worse?! Wowsers!

So Jay has been doctoring me all day and monitoring my meds. I've been nauseous pretty much all day, not sure if it's the meds, my equilibrium or what. I feel off .... balance. I about said off my rocker but that wouldn't be what I was talking about although it would be accurate as well. and you know, it still feels like it takes me a lot of energy to talk. I've had two conversations today, one with C2 and the other with a friend from church. After both conversations I was so tired afterwards. I wonder if that's normal? kwim?

Well, I have a little testimony I wanna post too ... I guess that's about it as far as my nose!

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