Tuesday, April 18, 2006

I'm still alive ...

Warning: Graphic Intense

We had Spring break last week. I slept, lol We only have 14 more days to go before Spring semester is over and we start summer semester the second week in May. Err- the third. I have a whole week off between semesters- YAY! I'm taking four classes this summer, two of them are online. I decided to change to the college transfer- Business Administration curriculum, instead of going for a straight BA Associate's degree. Now my degree with be an Associate in Arts & Sciences, Pre Major- BA. That way I will have the option of transferring to a four year college if I choose to.

So, doing that, I am having to redo my computer course this summer. The transfer class has one more project per chapter than we have right now. The professor told me to save all of my work from this semester fo the summer on my pin drive so I don't have to repeat all the work. He's cool. He subbed one day for us, and I enjoyed that class enough I just might have switched curriculums to Computer Science, LOL The geek in me was having a good ol time :p

So online I'm doing "Intro to Computers" (lol); and "Intro to Business". On campus I'm taking Intro to Sociology on M●W●F, and Expository Writing on T●TH. So three days I'll be home by 10 and the other two I'll be home by 11:30. Not bad :)

Today is "Slime Day" at Jackson's school. Last fall when we sold $2400 in World's Finest Chocolate $1 candy bars, after they sold ... hmmmm .... I believe it was $200, for every case they sold, they got 1 cup of slime to pour on the Principal's head. Jackson said they told him yesterday that he will have an introductory BUCKET to pour on his head FIRST, lol I'd say so, we sold 44 cups worth! LOL- that's almost three GALLONS! I'm so proud of him *g*

My CTS has been giving me a FIT the past couple of weeks. Usually it doesn't bother me unless I am sick, and even then, it's not every time. Usually when there's infection. But it's really aggrivating me now. I've been wearing my brace more than less for two whole weeks now. This is a first.

However, I cannot stay away from my mouse. During Spring break I decided I was gonna brush up on my siggie making because I had not been able to spend a lot of time on it for the past month or so. So I put out an offer for everyone. I took advantage of the opportunity and honed in some new skills, too. It paid off, I think. I'm pretty proud of these! :) {originally there were eight sigs shown}

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Off to class now :)

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