Saturday, April 1, 2006

I'm sick and sore

We went with Jackson to the zoo on his school field trip yesterday. We walked for what felt like forever- uneven ground, too. We were there for five hours. I honestly didn't get a lot out of it- I had more fun on our last field trip in the fall, to this lil ranch where you rode on a horse drawn wagon through the place and the animals come up to you! But Jackson had a lot of fun :)

Anyways, my sinus' seem to be acting up, my throat is hurting, and I'm achey. Last night I thought I was gonna die. Today's not much better. I think Hannah's passing her strep / virus on to me. Jackson has a cough. Hannah's doing better, no fever for 12 hours- first time this week! PTL!!

While I have ya reading I'm gonna mention our revival this week. It starts tomorrow and ends next Friday (yes, I'll be busy). I'll be going through Thursday and I have to work Friday night. Anyways, I've asked a couple of girls from work if they'd come. One doesn't have a ca but gave me her number, I'd be picking her up. Another one hasn't been to church in a long time. Then another I'd like to invite, started talking to m Thursday about her starting to "become Catholic". She's really into this "be a good person" thing. I'd REALLY like to talk to her, so please pray for open hearts and open doors in the time to come! :)


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