Tuesday, April 25, 2006

How behind am I?

Pretty behind!! Actually, a post from last week's "I wonder..." post on the 18th from CFL may update better than I can right now:

Wendy made an A on her Dramatic reading presentation for Public Speaking today!! I done the first chapter of "Dinosaurs Before Dark", the first book in the Magic Treehouse series (5th grade'ish level, lol) I ended the chapter and everyone was like "maaannnn! Were there really books? ... (etc..)". She's sort of nervous with her assignment for Friday- a two minete Eulogy- she's wondering if the Lord done this on purpose with her friend dieing last week?

Wendy forgot to turn in both of her Psychology projects before spring break- 20 points of her overall grade. Her professor said she could still turn them in with a 5 pt penalty- so she'll finish the semester with a 95 ;o)

Wendy's ready for a week off between semesters- 13 more days left of school!! Woo-Hoo! She has four classes for summer, two of them are online. (She plans on boosting her MK business in a big way starting in May.) As for work, the other hostess is still not speaking to her unless completely neccessary. It's tense but she's learning to deal with it.

Does her blog take long to load on dialup? Did you know when you join her group you get an email with every blog post (so you don't have to go TO the blog unless you want to comment!) :p


I done a powerpoint presentation on the World's Finest Chocolate sale for Jackson's school this past fall, today. I believe I done good but I forgot to put transitions in the PP so I know points got taken off for that. We had special occassion speeches this week. We drew from a "hat" what we were doing, and I picked eulogy. Which was bad enough, but one of my friends died on Good Friday, and her memorial service was on Easter night!! I done a eulogy for her, and got an A. I hope it made her smile, it was hard. I could have cried when I sat down. She found out she had cancer and died about 1.5 weeks later. The last time I saw her, she was asking how I was doing with school, was I feeling better, etc ... she knew then she had cancer but was too concerned about me. I can only hope to leave behind the legacy and witness she has!!

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