Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Update from our end of the world

written this morning, not able to put post through until this afternoon-----

Where do I begin?

I started the process of getting my GED (general equivalency diploma) about three weeks ago. I scored surprisingly low on the reading end, but still at an 11.2 grade level. My math and language arts were 12.9 (post high school abilities). I got kicked out of school in March of my senior year. I was simply in a rebellious stage, left to my own means. My parents are of the train of thought "what can we do to stop her?", so I had no boundaries. I admit I had my own fault in not finishing school, but to think of my child getting that far in school and not finishing? They would be walking everywhere!! but anyway- the Lord allowed that to happen for a reason and I do not grieve what 'could have been' if I had finished and went on to college; because had I, I would not have met Jay. 'Nuff said there ;o)

So I finished my practice tests with flying colors. On my essay, the woman grading it said it was THE best essay she had ever read in all the years she had been working in education. She said she'd read essays of college graduates that were not as articulated as mine. All I could say was "wow", lol. I had a good topic; the words just flowed to the paper.

I start my official testing this Thursday night, and it will continue for the next two Thursdays after this. "As long as there are tests, there will always be prayer in schools" :p~~~~

I have had numerous people from the continuing education department ask me to consider starting college this upcoming semester. I started the GED process because we had decided I was going back to work. I had not considered college until the administrators started encouraging me to at least think about it. I had already spoke with my old boss (from before I had Jackson) at my old workplace, and she said she felt she could get me in at $9/hr, up to 30 hours a week, daytime. You would think that would be a good thing, but...? The more I prayed about it, the more I felt a hand over my chest, holding me back from pursuing that option "quite yet". I'm always praying for the right timing in things, so I assumed there may be things going on at the job place and the lord could had been paving the way for me before I went back with my application.

In the second week of "waiting", my niece called me. She landed a great restaurant job earlier this year at a local conference center, and to be 19 years old she's making awesome money. The world is her oyster at this point :) She was calling because there were some positions open where she works and she thought of me; hence calling to see if it was of any interest for me. I thought that was pretty good. I would work the same amount of hours as the other place, except it would be nights (to around 9 or a little after); making at least $4 more per hour, minimum. I could live with that.

Then it hit me- if I worked nights, then I would be wide open to start college this coming semester! Full time! The monetary difference between the jobs would more than make up for part time preschool for Hannah the day’s mom and Jay doesn't keep her! Well PTL!!

Then out of the blue I get a call from the college, the office where my SIL works. A co worker of hers wanted to order some Mary Kay. When I went to deliver the order, we chatted a bit. SIL said she was 99.9% positive I would get full financial aid for the next two terms (spring and summer). I could live with that! So it seems the Lord is coming through on that timing aspect.

I could go to work as soon as I finish my GED tests, November 10th. That would give me from November 11th to January 1oth to get used to the work schedule, two months, then layering 15 hours of school on top of that. That would also give the kids time to get used to me working, then Hannah starting preschool when I start college.

I would be off on Sundays, Mondays (cause Monday is Mary Kay night), and some Tuesdays (if Jackson has basketball practice); alternate Wednesdays, work every Thursday, Friday, and Saturday night, still being able to be at Jackson's basketball games Saturday mornings, possibly holding skin care classes between then and work, and holding facials at the meetings on Monday nights. Sounds like a deal to me :o)

In two years I will have an Associate's Degree in Business Administration, and could start at Wake Forest as a junior the following semester upon acceptance. Two more light years and I'd have a Bachelor's degree. My dad would be so proud ;o) hopefully by then I will already be a Sales Director in Mary Kay. That's my goal, anyhow! So the Business degree would do nothing BUT help my own business (though you do not need it to excel in the company), but land me a better job in the meantime if necessary. Gloria Mayfield Banks went to Harvard, so hey!! She has had an amazing career, I get chills just reading about it!!

Okay, I digress, but now it's time to go fold some clothes :p


  1. Wow, Wendy, that's so great! I would really love to go back and finish my bachelor's degree someday.

  2. Congrats on your Business and your school. I know that they say you cant have it all but I certainly hope that you prove them wrong!!

    If you are looking for MK inspiration, I would also advise you to check out Alison LaMarr. She SMASHED Dacia's road to National record, and is on pace for inner circle her first year.

    Best of luck and have a prosperous PINK day.