Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Learning a lot about myself

I have learned these past couple of weeks that I am very much an emotional eater. I scored moderate a while back on this quiz: "are you an emotional overeater?", but since I started WW, I have learned that I am indeed an emotional eater, if not an overeater if I indulge myself. Last week our local fair was in town, so I maxed my points that day (I think, in all honesty, maybe not, really...). Then the following Thursday I skipped my meeting to go to our Ladies TableTop Fellowship, which was a potluck event. So I did not lose and I don't believe I gained in the past week.

But in the past two weeks I have discovered that we have a great amount of "old" debt that should be paid off, we have decided after 5 years of staying home that I will go back to work, and I have started the process of getting my GED. I have a LOT of stuff going on. Add to that a loved one of mine was diagnosed with a brain tumor last Friday, and know that I am craving fried foods like MAD.

I'm not a big sweet eater. Oh I can eat sweets- don't get me wrong. But I thrive on fried, apparently, when stressed.Also when stressed, I lack discipline. The Lord stressed this matter to me this weekend, so I am going to make strides to correct that about myself. I've learned that all of this is tied together, and the end result is I need a better way to manage my stress than what I have been doing. The thought of any more upcoming change in our lives though is so overwhleming for me. It's a catch 22, really.

So I must move forward.

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