Saturday, October 15, 2005

I'm holding on

It seems I'm in a whirlwind of thoughts and emotions these days. I spent a good part of today just "here", not doing much of anything nor thinking a lot about things. It seems that if Im not trying to make sense of how things will be when I go back to work, my brain is completely down.

My daughter has amazed me in the past week. She is growing up sooooooo much. She's only three, turning four in December, but man is she perceptive and more mature than her age! She understands sooooo much now. Jackson went to spend the night with MIL last night. After we dropped him off Hannah and I went to Target to start her "Christmas Wish List". She was ecstatic. One example of her funny nature now is, she was sitting in the back of the buggy. We were in the clothes department, when I found a gorgeous dress her size. I held it up telling her to look, and she hops up in the buddy and says "Bring it here, lets see if it fits" wanting to hold it up to her, LOL Imagine while reading this, when I quote her, the words coming from a three year old's mouth, with a strong "southern twang" ;o)

Just many little sayings, things like that, she's saying these days that just catch me offguard. After Target we went for a late dinner at Chilis. She sat there the entire time coloring and drawing things in the little booklet they give kids. NO problems whatsoever, she sat there and entertained her self! Then as we were leaving I mentioned to Jay her pronunciation difficulties. For months now she's called my best friend Kristi, "aunt Fristy". I just thought it was cute until last night when it caught my ear, she was also saying "Frissmuss" (Christmas). So Jay was telling her to say this, then say that, working with the sounds, and all of a sudden aftera run of sounds, she says "Daddy what's all that about?" ROFL!! I thought of Karen on the show Will & Grace, where she points to Grace up and down and says "Honey what's this? What's all that about?" insinuating she's wearing a bad outfit :p

I laughed soooo hard when Hannah said that. It made me think of all the times I had said the same thing, doing the "Karen point" when one of the kids would be wallowing in the floor in a tantrum. I'll start pointing up and down and say "What's this? what are you doing? what's all that about?" and Jackson will start laughing, Hannah hasn't caught sarcasm yet *g*

So onto more updates. I am going to my GED prep class Monday morning. Im not nervous now, moreso getting excited. I learned Wednesday night that I have Irlen Syndrome- and found that fascinating! You really should read more about it, I am completely amazed at the difference after simple "treatment"!! It explains so much about my school career too. I love to read and do as much as possible in some shape, form, or fashion; but as soon as I got back in the classroom last week, it seemed like my "school triggered anxiety" all come flooding back. Certain behaviors or actions showed up that only happens when I am in a school setting. It's interesting, I left that night with my mouth hanging to the floor. So I should be getting my GED in about 2-3 weeks or so. My preliminary test scores were very good so, go figure. I have some sites written down as well that offer practice tests.

I located my old boss and went and visited with her at her current store. I have not seen her in seven years, since I left to go have Jackson! We talked for a few minutes, and she said she's always looking for good help, to go ahead and fill out my app, and she would discuss scheduling and wages with her store manager. She said she felt it was possible for me to get the wage I want but she couldn't promise anything, which is reasonable. So we're going to work on my resume this week, get everything together and I'll probably do an official interview next week. I've prayed and asked the Lord to open the doors that need to be opened, and it seems thus far he has! Praise Him! She did say I would have to work Saturdays ... to ensure Sundays off, more than less. I wasn't ready for that, but she said she'd put me on Sat evenings so I won't miss any of Jackson's ball games. PTL I really enjoyed working for her before, I'm relieved :) after I out some things on paper, working on Saturdays actually saved us an extra $100 a month in childcare expenses!

Speaking of Jackson, he had another dr appt this past Wednesday over his arm. He had - hads his cast on for 7 weeks. The new dr that saw him Wed said that with the knowledge of him being in a cast for 7 weeks, and lookign at the X ray, he could tell that was a severe break. They want him in a splint for two more weeks, with extra light activity. Makes sense, we don't want him to break what's healed already. I could tell by the X ray myself his arm didn't look much better than it did four weeks ago, immediately. Jackson's just relieved the cast is gone. Even though he loved the attention he got with his Spiderman cast (pics to come soon), it was really irriatating his skin between his thumb and index finger (almost raw!!) and on his arm on the upper end. I done a Satin Hands treatment on him when we got home and he LOVED it ;o) You could tell a huge difference in the texture of his skin as well. With the weather changing like it is going into fall I need to be more diligent about treating my hands as well :::blush:::

Speaking of dilligence, my face has been extra sensitive the past three-four weeks. If I sleep one night without taking my makeup off, my cystic acne comes back by the next day. We're talking, at least one "good one" on my cheekbone, and my poor chin just completely breaks out! So I've bumped up my micodermabrasion treatment to about every other day, to every two days (instead of the every third that's recommended); alternating that with the acne medication gel- it's working! Dramatic difference in three days ... THREE!! You could barely see the spots under my makeup. This is of course in routine with the miracle set twice a day. I'm also using ther oil free hydrating gel twice daily, too. If I don't the acne gel dries out my chin area too much, and I love how much smoother my foundation goes on using that. The extra layer of moisture makes a HUGE difference in application of makeup IMO! I know it seems like a lot of stuff but once you're in the routine it's "swish swash" and POOF! you're done.

Speaking of, before I get any more exhausted, I'm going to go do that. Hannah and I went back to Target tonight, then to the grocery store, and that will take it's toll on the most active a person, LOL .....

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