Thursday, October 27, 2005

I'm really gonna do it this time

I'm going to conquer Mt Washmore that's sitting in my bedroom. Yep, the bedroom. Everything is clean, smells good, etc-- except it's in a mountain on my bed (or beside). I'm dedicating today to laundry- sorting the seasonal, moving new seasons in, freecycling, potential-ebay choices, who knows ;o) I'll check in as I reach milestones.

and for safe keeping, I've moved the computer chair into the kitchen to avoid temptation :p~~~~

1pm: Well, I have found the floor in my bedroom for the most part. It was getting pretty bad in here. Still have some totes with stuff in it but I'm getting a good pile of stuff in the hallway that will need washing. Apparently this last "funk" of depression made a harder hit than I realized. Uhg. No more, I tell ya! I have everything sorted as far as mine, Jay's, Jackson, & Hannah's. That's getting somewhere!!

3:20: I just finished going through a tote of Hannah's clothes from last year, weeding some freecycle stuff out. Put the summer stuff in that, and got half of her winter stuff hung up. I went through a tote of hand-me-downs last night and paired the outfits together. I'll hang those up when we get back. For now, it's time to go get Jackson :)

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