Monday, January 18, 2010

The Frozen Chosin

I saw a segment on Fox and Friends this morning about this new documentary coming out named "The Frozen Chosin". It is about the US's involvement in the Korean war, interviewing men who fought in that war. Not really knowing a whole lot about this particular war, but having a growing interest in all things American, including our battles, I found myself rewinding to listen closer to what the creators of the film were saying in the interview. I found it particularly interesting that the creators of the film were Iraq war veterans, themselves. This film not only covers the perspective of Korean war veterans, but it is projected in the film from a vantage point of understanding and truth that could only come from someone who has been in such a similar position. This film is definite on my list of must-sees.

"As fellow Marines and combat veterans, we forged a unique connection with the men who shared their stories with us. We were proud to give them a gift 60 years overdue: an environment where they could feel comfortable unburdening themselves of the intimately sad, horrific, funny, and triumphant moments they experienced during the most defining experience of their lives. The story of Chosin goes beyond the history and enters a realm of mutual remembrance and healing."
View the trailer (and grab a tissue):

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