Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Are death threats acceptable if online?

Twitter has a new account, and it is dedicated to rewarding its followers with the assassination of radio / Fox News TV Host Glenn Beck.

The internet has reached an all new low. Really, society has. I am waiting for the liberal sect of America to condemn such a heinous act. What's even worse, are the people who are not only following this account, but ReTweeting the original message! I believe they have just as much responsibility as the one who created this account. Cyber crimes however, I do not believe are treated as severely as "in real life" crimes. It would already be on the news if some sicko posted a community bulletin somewhere for a meeting that says "If 10,000 people show up in support of my cause, I will kill this person". Perhaps it is time to raise the standards of behavior expected on social networking sites and the web, and the consequences of one's behavior. Death threats are not acceptable when put on paper, why should it be different online?

I know Megan Meier's parents would like to see laws more stringent towards the behavior of people behind online profiles...

This goes beyond free speech, as this new twisted Twitter sicko claims:

Any reasonable person can acknowledge this is wrong and unacceptable. There should be a bi partisan effort to condemn such acts of BIGOTRY.

As of 4:45pm ET, Twitter has removed the profile. I say Thank God. This still begs the question, will the person be back under another name? What about the people following that person? When will there be an outrage and the standards be the same for left and right wing? If there was an account that threatened anyone I disagreed with politically, I would still condemn the actions. I don't care what your political views are, right is right and wrong is wrong. There are still moral absolutes in this world, and those are things we can still come together to agree on.


  1. Wow! Why is this so OK with other people? What a shocking twitter ID. Megan's story is so sad.

  2. Wow is the word. Its amazing how others want to be treated with respect but have none for their fellow man.