Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Don't mess with my burger!

Some McDonalds employees caught themselves in a pickle when this woman entered their store one day. She brought her sandwich back unhappy with the way it was made, and becomes, story goes irate, after the employees would not give her a refund, causing some $3000 in damages.

Added January 7th:
She threw a water cooler, a wet floor sign, grabbed things off the counter and threw them at the employees. There was a video, but this is from the local Sheriff's blog:
We have received numerous tips since posting this video. Thank you. Detectives are following up on leads now and have requested the video be taken down while we investigate.
Of course there are holes in this story as in:
  • Did she refuse a new, perfectly made, fresh burger (but they're all "fresh" now, right?)
  • what exactly was wrong with the burger? (haven't we all received a double cheese with one patty off the side of the bun and the cheese melted on the other side)
  • where was the manager?
  • why wouldn't they give her a refund? (could it be a manager was not present, and that was why? after all, employees cannot give refunds!)
Despite the holes in the story, there is no reason for this kind of behavior. I don't care if there was a band aid in the middle of my burger, acting like a lunatic is not the way to go. Somewhere out there, there's a McDonalds cashier filing a worker's compensation claim for emotional damage from having a water cooler thrown at him/her for something that was surly beyond their control.


  1. Yes, there is NO excuse for this. I do hope someone called the police. She was assaulting the employees (by throwing things at them) and endangering the other customers. I'm appalled she started her tirade when there were children at the counter! Really!?! What an embarrassment she is. I wonder too if there is some sort of mental disorder going on with her.


  2. I saw part of the video, the girl has issues. lol