Thursday, November 12, 2009

Protest in Chalotte

Protest in Charlotte at Convention Center

Monday 11/16/09 5:30-6:30 PM

We are taking vans to Charlotte. Let me know if you can go with us.
We will leave Winston Salem Hanes Mall McDonald's at 3 PM and should be back around 9 PM.

Duke Energy accepted stimulus funds and they are working diligently to help pass Cap and Tax legislation. This legislation will cost all of us. It is considered the biggest tax increase in the history of this country.

Duke will benefit from this legislation. But you and I will pay huge increases in energy costs.

While conservatives have been hard at work to defeat this horrendous legislation, Duke has been promoting legislation that will harm families.

Charlotte Chamber of Commerce is presenting the citizen of the Year Award to Duke Energy CEO.

We want to let them know that we oppose their Cap and Tax efforts and we will not sit by while they promote legislation to harm families.

Respond to this email or call me 336-817-4601

Thanks for all you do,
Joyce Krawiec
NC Grassroots Coordinator

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