Thursday, October 29, 2009

Home with sick little one

Hannah has had cold symptoms for the past couple of weeks now. Yesterday she was crying in class she had gotten to feel so bad, but she got better and was ok through the evening. This morning whenshe woke she was feeling really bad again, complaining mainly about her throat and runny nose. I can't help but to wonder if her throat is hurting because of drainage. The bad part was the ride taking Jackson to school and back- she got sick to her stomach. Twice. However, this is a child who is prone to carsickness. She hasn't gotten sick since we returned home this morning so I'm leaning towards that.

Please pray this turns over quickly. We have the school fall festival tomorrow night that she is greatly looking forward to!
Also, please pray for my Pastor. He is in South Africa preaching in evangelistic services this week at our church-plant there. We have been praying for 100 souls to be saved. As of yesterday, 54 had professed Christ as their Savior (Glory be to God!).


  1. I hope Hannah is feeling better today.

  2. I hope she is feeling better. My husband has had the same symptoms for a week and a half. He's a grown man and can hardly handle it! Does she have sinus trouble? That is what is causing my husbands symptoms. Oh, I remember those days when the kids were sick. It's easier to be sick yourself!