Tuesday, November 11, 2008

N.C. School teacher bully's 5th grader

This teacher is SO partisan it's unbelievable. The girl's parents are very forgiving, much more than what I believe I would be. It's okay for a child to say they support BO because he's black, but it's not okay to support McCain because he believes in finishing the war? Not to mention, she completely misquoted the "100 year" statement too- she literally lied to those students! This is an outrage IMO The undue stress she has put on that poor girl. Shoot, mine had enough of a time being a McCain supporter without having a teacher belittling them!

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  1. Actually, he is biracial. If you call him Black, then you might as well call him White and ignore the other 50%, which is still incorrect.

    Nevertheless, I agree with how the teacher addressed her students and dealt with the issue. It is quite unfortunate.