Monday, November 7, 2005

Jay's father died

They just mended their relationship this year. We knew he was not doing well, as far as his overall health, but his death was sudden, really. He had fluid built up on his lungs, and was admitted to the hospital yesterday. When they intubated him, his heart just gave out. Three of his four arteries were hardening, so his heart was already working overtime. Based on his life testimony, he was not a saved man :( He left six children, Jay, his brother, and their four half siblings. Please pray for Jay as he deals with all of this, that we can be a witness to his family, and for Jackson. Jackson had only met Jay's dad three times in his life, but Jackson spoke very fondly of his "farmer paw-paw" (he lived on a farm, beside a popcorn field, a kid's dream). We haven't told Jackson yet. Not sure how we will, really....

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