Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Food Addict?

Last week I was on a mexican kick. J brought home chips and salsa, and let me know the restaurant charges almost a dollar for one little container, equivalent to about half of the dish they pour it in when you eat there. Yeh, outrageous IMO

I had the three extra salsas in the fridge, to come in the LR one evening to find out that Hannah was in the fridge, and spilt it on the floor! I freaked out.

I cannot believe the words that flew out of my mouth:
"I enjoy very few things in my life ..."

in regards to my plans of eating the chips and salsa that evening. Jackson looked at me like I was crazy.

Am I addicted to food now?
Am I looking to food to replace the pleasure that is otherwise missing in my life?

I made a promise to myself that I would swear off fried foods and drink one bottle of water per day this week. I need to fix my food journal for the week, too. Trying to put points back into the equation as well.

These past few weeks I have horribly ignored my eating. All sorts of fried stuff, and my face is paying for it. My cystic acne has come back so hard that it actually hurts to cleanse my jaw on the right side, just the pressure of my fingertips. The water has got to help with that!!

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