Tuesday, December 7, 2010

"Smooth move, mom!"

So we're on the way to school, on the highway, and the car in front of us was washing their windshield. They were sending a light spray of water onto our windshield in the process. This highlights how dirty our windshield is, so I decide to was ours.

So do you know right offhand what happens when it is freezing outside, you're going 65MPH down the interstate, and you spritz water onto your windshield?

Yeh, I didn't consider that, either. But ain't it pretty?
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  1. I've done that sometimes. Even worse is when you scrape your windshield but don't notice that big chunk of ice right in your field of vision. But you notice it as you're driving. So you try to use the sprayers to help the wipers deal with it. Which leads to ice and half-freezing water in your field of vision and you're driving down the highway with your head turned at an odd angle so you can see through the clean spot of your windshield. (I can't be the only one who has done this.)

  2. When you're behind a large vehicle and the roads were salted/sanded to help melt the snow - the spray that the vehicle in front of you kicks up and makes your windshield muddy. Guess what happens when you accidentally have regular water in your wiper fluid bottle rather than de-icer and then proceed to try to clean the windshield (of course, not realizing it's water - until it's too late)???? A muddier windshield that you can't see out of hardly at all.