Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Be a responsible citizen

There are a lot of people who have voted, and probably are voting this year, based on what certain groups say- even with the most honest of intentions. They believe that it is a good thing to follow along with what "GROUP X" says. The problem is, they are not actually able to "own" their vote, if they vote for people because a group says that's their particular picks. Citizens should be able to say "I chose this person because of X, Y, & Z", and that be good enough. I do not need a list of endorsements to justify my choices in this election. You do not, either.

Just because a candidate has a "tag" that seems to fit one's values, or is endorsed by a group with shared values, doesn't mean a person should not check the candidate out personally before voting for them. Vet your own candidates, and have the conversation with others about who you are voting for and why. Have questions for the candidates? They welcome questions. There are a lot more citizens than there are candidates, go to your candidates- don't sit back and expect them to come to you. This is why historically people say "Only rich people can run for office."- because people wait for the candidates to come to them! Talk to others about this election, lift up conservative candidates, and encourage others to get to the polls early.

People shouldn't vote for a candidate because they are supposed to be the "tea party pick" or because the GOP have showed preference for candidates over others ... or even think that a GOP candidate fits their values best verses a libertarian- each candidate must be vetted by each voter. It is not any group's responsibility to tell citizens WHO to vote for. It is the citizen's responsibility to seek out the people who are running to serve them in pubic office. It is the citizen's responsibility to be aware of what is happening in politics on every level, all year long, and not just at election time. This is why our country is in the trouble it is in, to begin with, as far as I am concerned. (I accept dropping the ball as a citizen before 2008, too.)

As for for endorsements: If people are checking out candidates like they should be, group / organization endorsements are not a necessity in elections. Lets not wait for the emotion of Obama in '08, or the excitement of the Tea Party Express rolling through town with Sarah Palin. It should take neither for conservatives in North Carolina to get excited about the fact that for the first time in 100 years we could have a CONSERVATIVE General Assembly, or that NC 7 will see the first Republican hold that seat in 140 years, that we have a chance to have fairly drawn State Senate and House Districts, not to mention, the gerrymandering of NC 12 will be no more!

Now go find your candidates, grab a friend, and GO VOTE! Every single vote counts!

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