Thursday, September 11, 2008

Who is Richard R. Hill?

Richard R. Hill is my brother in Christ, come to find out. Yours too, if you have been born again! I got to "meet" him while researching something for a devotional, and I found his testimony:

On Dec. 25th, 1943 I left NYC going overseas to Ireland, then to England.
Leaving New York Harbor I saw the Statue of Liberty going out of sight. I left
with a sad heart not knowing if I would ever see her again. I arrived at Port
Stewart, Ireland and moved on to England. I camped and trained in the beautiful
Nottingham Forrest for the "big night". During the six months there, I met a
girl named Joan Pilgrim. Her parents took me in and made me more comfortable
when I was so far from home. Wedding plans were discussed but God had other
plans for me. On June 5th, 1944, I was part of the D-Day invasion into Normandy.

While flying over the English Channel, I made the greatest decision of all
time -to give my life to Christ. I had always heard THE WORD during my boyhood
in Oklahoma at the old camp meetings; but, now it all came back to me and the
Holy Spirit was calling my name. In that big old C-53, I kneeled to pray. I saw
plainly the face of Christ, but His eyes were closed. I continued to pray until
...Jesus opened His eyes. I knew without any doubt that at that moment I was
forever saved. Whatever happened from then on was all in God's hands.

I encourage you to read his page. You see, Mr. Hill served our counntry in World War 2 and was a POW for a year. We should be so thankful for the sacrifice his family and he made for our country. I also encourage you to read this page about D-Day, too. You'll be blessed!

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